Christmas Is

By : Pr. PM Raju Christmas Is

Text: John 3:16-18

The birth of Lord Jesus Christ is celebrating as christimas day. But we do not know the exact date of birth of Jesus Christ. Babylonians celebrated their Goddess birth day on December 25 as the merry making day by using liquour and other stuff.  Later Christians choose that day as the Christ birth day and merry making by using liquour and different stuff like santa clous, Christmas tree etc.  In this occation we have to analysis what is the meaning Christ’s birth.

Well,  the best way I know is this:"For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that  whosoever believeth in him  should not perish, but have everlasting life." I would like to tell you  the meaning of Christmas this evening -what it should mean to each and every one of us assembled here today.

Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of different people. To some it is-
-a time of shopping and spending
-a time of drinking and enjoying
-a time of traveling and entertaining
But, what is the real meaning of Christmas? What message should it convey to every one of us?

To me, Christmas is...

I. A TIME OF REMEMBERING Christ’s uniqueness
-remembering the great love that God had for each and every one of us. He loved us so much, that He spared not His only Son that we might be saved.-remembering the uniqueness of

His birth = A virgin conceived by the Holy Spirit to being him to birth
His life -  though his a king of kings he lead an ordinary life
His teachings – was to establish KOG
His miracles – he has authority over nature, sickness, demons and death
His prophesies –are fulfilled and certain prophesies are going to fulfil.
His death -  gives us a new birth in the family of God and restored the fellowship with God,
His resurrection – proves that Jesus is alive and gives us assurance that we shall someday rise again.

II. Secondly, Christmas is...A TIME OF LOVING .
As the followers of Christ we should take special effort to be honest, righteous and little kinder, a little more considerate of others, and a little more generous. Christ shows his love on the cross of Calvary. So  It is a time for reaching out to others with love and concern.

God so loved the world-let us never forget that!!! In all of our preaching, teaching, evangelizing, etc. let us always remember that the motivation for all this is the love of God for lost sinners. He really cares about us. So should we care as He cares. So should we love, as He loves.


For God so loved the world, that He gave...Love cannot look with indifference on the hungry, and the sick, and the lonely, lost souls of this world. Love must give.

God gave all He could give. He gave His only begotten Son. This gift was freely given, lovingly given, graciously given to all of us, who were undeserving sinners. So it is our responsibilities to give Jesus to others especially those who are perishing in this world.

Christ shared our human nature that we might receive His divine nature. Day by day, those who receive Him are being transformed into His image, until we all come into the full stature of the perfected children of God, washed in the blood of the Lamb.


God was willing to forgive us. He was willing to show mercy to a sinful, lost, and dying  world. Do we possess His forgiving spirit? Or, is our spirit a judgmental one, that looks down upon others? Is there someone we need to forgive today?
Birth of Jesus Christ causes different kind response to different people.
1.    Shepered rejoiced,2. Wisemen overjoyed. So They bowed and worshiped  3.  Herod was treambled with fear.  What’s our attitude? Are you able to rejoice by the birth of JESUS CHRIST?

For a  child of God the birth of Jesus Christ enable us to rejoice in three ways.

1.    Jesus is our saviour and Lord – he showed the way to enter in to the KOG
2.    He is great high priest and interceding in between God and me. So no need for other mediator to reach God.
3.    He is the king of kings and will come soon.

Rejoicing in God’s unmerited grace -rejoicing in the release of forgiveness -rejoicing in a new life with a new mission.  If Jesus Christ born in our heart that moment onwards we will have peace, joy and happiness.

For a child of God the birth of Jesus Christ in his life is the day of Christmas day. Not on every Christmas day but every day every moment he can rejoice in Jesus Christ.

Conclusion-I have tried to share with you this  evening  what Christmas means to us. What does the coming of Christ into this world mean to you? Have you received Him as Lord & Savior? If not, I encourage you to come to Him now and participate the great joy which is everlasting.

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Prayer Request


 Time after time you have been left behind like the sun when it is starting to rain; time after time you have been forgotten like the picture that has faded away. We always forget god when he gives us blessings and never thank him but when trouble comes that is the only time that you actually pray to god. This should not happen. We should always pray to god and praise him all your life even in times of trouble.

By - Nikhil Kurian

What all we sow in earth we reap in heaven?

By - Nikhil Kurian